Energy Efficient FAQs

An Energy Efficient Home

Does Energy Efficient Matter?


By having an energy efficient home – by using gas and electricity efficiently, it will save you money and help the environment. The Energy Saving trust estimates that the typical household could save up to £250 a year by being more efficient with their use of energy; a massive 25% saving for the average energy-consuming household. With our made-to measure doors, windows and conservatories there are fewer draughts and better insulation from our quality materials.

Most of the energy we consume comes from fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. Each unit of energy that we burn, either directly as gas, or indirectly as electricity (which is generated by burning fossil fuels) produces gases that damage the atmosphere. The Energy Efficiency Campaign estimates that one quarter of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions every year originate from the energy we use to heat and light our homes, and run our household appliances. Other things to consider to continue the energy savings from our installations is using sensor lights and solar panelling.

Government Grants

The UK government provides funds for a number of schemes that will provide up to £500 of funding (more in certain circumstances) to qualifying households to help them improve their heating and energy efficiency. The schemes are known as Warm Front in England, Energy Assistance Packages in Scotland and NEST in Wales. The level of the grant will vary depending upon the Scheme and whether you qualify. You can get further information on the following numbers.

Warm Front (England) 0800 316 6011
Energy Assistance Package (Scotland) 0800 512 012
NEST (Wales) 0800 512 012
or by visiting the Government energy grants calculator