Sliding Sash Windows Southampton

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Southampton

Add value to your home in Southampton with our sash windows.
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Sliding Sash Windows Southampton

uPVC Sliding Sash Window Prices Southampton

Competitive uPVC sliding sash window prices for your home in Southampton.
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uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Southampton

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows Southampton

Add value to your Southampton home with our fantastic uPVC sliding sash windows. Increase the value of your property, add elegance and style. Sash windows have a traditional aesthetic with modern functionality. Improve your house with our fantastic profiles.

Bringing an element of charm to any home, sash windows maintain a traditional aesthetic. Whether you live in a heritage property or even a contemporary build, the windows will seamlessly fit. With modern engineering, you can appreciate strength, style and security.

Here at Direct, we pride ourselves on our unrivalled customer service. We have over 30 years’ experience in the industry, giving us a broad range of skills. Our team are friendly, efficient and are happy to offer advice and guidance if needed.

Low Maintenance

Ideal for busy households, sash windows require very little upkeep. The sliding system allows for an easy clean to keep them looking fantastic. All that’s needed is a simple wipe down with a damp cloth to maintain the high-performance values for decades.

Noise Reduction

Whether you live in a built-up area or live near wildlife, you may experience an excess of noise. Our uPVC sliding sash windows are perfect in reducing the sound into your home. Enjoy a peaceful Southampton home and relax with our soundproof profiles.

Market Leading suppliers

Working with top suppliers, you can rely on us to deliver a fantastic fitting. The premium uPVC and double glazing are tested on security and strength, ensuring longevity. Make a worthwhile investment with our sash windows.

uPVC Sliding Sash Window Benefits

Maintaining a comfortable temperature at home is essential. Our uPVC sliding sash windows excel in retaining heat inside your home, prevent it from escaping. Additionally, during hotter months, the windows will prevent an excess of heat from occurring.

The double glazing is fabricated to promote incredible thermal efficiency. Sash windows from Direct are capable of achieving a superb A+ energy rating. The multi-chambered system works by trapping a pocket of warm air that would have otherwise escaped your Southampton property.

As you use your energy bills less, you will save money in the long run. With a reduction in your heating usage, you will start to see your carbon footprint decrease. This is beneficial as you have a positive environmental impact with our sash windows.

With longevity in mind, sash windows are manufactured from premium materials. With a look of timber, there could be a misconception that the profiles will decay and deteriorate over time like traditional windows. However, we are here to change that perception.

The uPVC we use will refrain from damaging over time. With unpredictable weather comes to the potential for breakage. Rest assured, our uPVC sliding sash windows won’t warp, bend, rot or distort. Each element is manufactured for optimum strength and durability.

Lined with an incredibly robust sealant, rain is kept at bay with our profiles. Wet weather can lead to ongoing problems such as damp and even mould with outdated profiles. Our uPVC sliding sash windows excel stop any water damage, keeping your home warm and dry.

Maintaining a safe household is fundamental. The safety of our customers is our top priority, therefore we install innovative features. With sturdy locking mechanisms, your home will be free from potential intruders.

Our locking hardware includes robust shoot bolts, friction stay hinges and multi-point locks. The combination will keep your family protected from potential intruders and forced entry. Each element is tested to prevent breakage from occurring.

As well as the internal locking systems, the exterior of the sash windows is secure from force. With internal beading in the double glazing, the windows can’t be removed from the outside. Your safety is our greatest concern.

Why Choose Direct Windows and Doors?

Providing exceptional customer service is our top priority here at Direct. We work efficiently and respectfully, installing with precision and care. Our friendly team are on hand for help and advice during the entire process, although every design decision is yours to make.

With over 30 year’s industry experience, we know the field exceptionally well. With a wealth of skills between us, our team promote the highest standards of workmanship with every project. We meet our customer requirements, ensuring you are satisfied with your new uPVC sliding sash windows.

You can rely on us as a trustworthy company. Our 10-year insurance backed guarantee from Home Improvement Protection will give you peace of mind that the uPVC sliding sash windows will last. We also offer our 10-year guarantee from Direct Windows and Doors Ltd, so you’re in safe hands.

uPVC Sliding Sash Window Costs Southampton

uPVC Sliding Sash Window Prices Southampton

Get your uPVC sliding sash window quote for your Southampton home. Here at Direct, our ethos is providing the best customer service in the industry. Our prices vary based on personal preferences and specifications, as each window is different.

Use our free quoting tool today to get a price on your profile. Simply input your design choices and sizes, and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Get in touch with us today by using our contact form. Our friendly team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, give our office a call on 02380 336 077, and we’ll do our best to answer any sash window queries you have.